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English Translation Services

English translation services personalize your corporate communications to help your business permeate foreign markets. To begin with, English has branched off into various dialects prevalent in England, Wales, Scotland, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and other pockets where it’s the official language such as former British colonies and Commonwealth countries.

Translators should be pinpointed by geo-referencing the target audience to ensure proper spellings and punctuations, for instance, American words like organization (organisation), centre (center) and colour (color) and other subtle differences must be reconciled if you target English speakers in the UK.

English certified translation

English certified translation in the UK is required by public agencies and authoritative entities such as universities to demonstrate the translator’s ability and affirmation on the accuracy of the translated copy. Depending on the use of your documents, the foreign authority may expect the certified copy to be notarized by a notary public for admissibility.

English certified translation for corporate materials like the certificate of incorporation, Mergers & Acquisition Offers, articles of association and share prospectus should be provided by a professional translator who embosses a signature and company’s seal.

English language translation

English language translation for a wide variety of materials like websites and software, corporate documents, technical content, and industry-specific communications should be handled by an expert who will preserve the parlance and tenor as captured in the source document.

When translating into English, the syntax, semantics and linguistic style should be aligned to the target audience for adherence to the marketing and advertising decorum acceptable by your audience. While Americans tolerate the aggressive approach adopted by US companies, British denizens will frown upon it though they heavily embrace wit and humor in ads.

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English Document Translation

English document translation by a native professional linguist ensures your pitch message and correspondence is transformed to culturally-friendly verbiage that strikes a chord with the audience. Instead of leaping at cheap freelancer rates, you should go for an established company that hosts a vast pool of translators and proofreaders as this diversity increases the likelihood of getting a specialist seasoned with your subject matter.

Indeed, it’s bizarre if a translator tries to “lift himself up with his own shoe laces”, instead you should go for professionals flanked by a company that has rigorously screened them and attested their prowess. Guru technical translators will cite peculiar terminologies, concepts and in-depth knowledge to counter unprecedented quandaries.

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English Birth Certificate Translation

English birth certificate translation should be provided by a competent translator who renders accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you’re submitting your documents to public bodies or officials, enquire beforehand to elicit specific authentication requirements.

However, a Translation Company will tend to confer more validity by imprinting its common seal after the translator’s signature. Other documents may require certification by a notary public or apostille to gain eligibility before the authorities.

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